Instruction in Iaido is given by Jim Wilson, who has trained in Iaido for over 25 years and is currently ranked as renshi, 6th dan in Iaido, under the Canadian Kendo Federation.

Jim has been involved in martial arts for over 40 years, having trained in ZDK Karate for all this time.  He now holds the rank of 7th dan in the ZDK and is the Chief Director of Instruction for the Karate organization.  Jim currently teaches Karate in Peterborough at the Kenshokan dojo.

Jim started training in Iaido and Kendo in 1996 under Shinagawa-sensei, later coming to train at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in 2000.  He has been a student of Ohmi-sensei (7th dan kyoshi Iaido, 6th dan Kendo) ever since, and he remains a part of the JCCC (Mu Mon Kai) Iaido club.  Jim has had the great pleasure of training there with other outstanding instructors such as Jorgenson-sensei (6th dan Iaido, 2nd dan Atarashii Naginata), Galligan-sensei (renshi, 7th dan Iaido), and Enore Gardonio-sensei (5th dan Iaido, 7th dan Yoshinkan Aikido, 1st dan Atarashii Naginata), all of whom have been guest instructors with Kenshokan Iaido.   He has been training with Taylor-sensei in Miyamoto Musashi's Niten Ichi Ryu for several years.  In addition, Jim has attended numerous seminars and has trained with many superb instructors from across Canada, the United States, England, and Japan. 

An educator who has worked as both a teacher and an administrator, Jim has had a great deal of teaching experience in the educational system as well in the martial arts.  He is a multi-medalist in local, provincial, and national Iaido championships.  He lives in Peterborough with his wife and children.