Instruction in Karate is given by Jim Wilson, who is ranked as 7th dan in the style.

Jim has been involved in martial arts for over 40 years, having trained in ZDK Karate for all this time.  He has held the position of Assistant to the Chief Instructor and Chief Instructor in Oshawa, and he is now the Chief Director of Instruction for the ZDK Karate organization as well as Chief Instructor in Peterborough. 

Jim started studying the Karate of the Zendokan Dharma Kumiai at about the age of 11 years old, when he was first taught by his brother and several others (the minimum age to start officially at the Club was 13 years old at the time, but he still managed to sneak in to the official club when he was 12).  Jim has trained in the style ever since, practicing anywhere from one to five times a week at the various training floors around at any given time.  Under the guidance of such excellent instructors as founder Michael Kelly, Sakima Bolahood, Leif Thibault, Alex Warriner, Omar Britskey, and others, Jim trained primarily at the main Oshawa location.

Jim is also ranked as renshi, 6th dan in the Japanese sword art of Iaido.  He started training in Iaido and Kendo in 1996 under Shinagawa-sensei, later coming to train at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in 2000.  He has remained a part of the JCCC (Mu Mon Kai) Iaido club, training under Ohmi-sensei (7th dan kyoshi Iaido, 6th dan Kendo) and other superb instructors.  Jim currently instructs Iaido at the Kenshokan dojo.

An educator who has worked as both a teacher and an administrator, Jim has had a great deal of teaching experience in the educational system as well in the martial arts.  He lives in Peterborough with his wife and children.