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Jim Wilson performing an Eishin-ryu technique


Jorgenson-sensei of the Mu Mon Kai Iaido club


Jim Wilson and Ohmi-sensei


Moving into hidari jodan


Completing chiburi


The Kenshokan group, Ohmi-sensei, and visitors


Kenshokan iaidoka at the 2010 Ottawa seminar


Dave Cox, Martin Stabler, and Andy Dobie during a demonstration at the Peterborough Museum

Jim Wilson at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Phil Anderson finishes Tsuka-Ate while Ohmi-sensei notes key points


Getting set to perform Uke Nagashi


At a demonstration in Lindsay, joined by Ron Mattie


Ohmi-sensei performing a koryu technique


Jiim Wilson performing nukitsuke


Jim Wilson at the JCCC


Jim Wilson and Sandra Jorgenson at the Kenshokan dojo

Uke Nagashi with Jorgenson-sensei and Gardonio-sensei

Kenshokan students performing chiburi

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