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Brian Collins

Eric Hovland

Christoph Kluwe

Brad and Susan Sargent


Mark Ross in hidari jodan no kamae


Phil Anderson, Jim Wilson, Eric Hovland, and Greg Clarke

The Kenshokan Iaido group, visitors from the JCCC, and guests



Tanya Couch, Brian Collins, and others in practice


During an early practice at the Kenshokan dojo



Receiving instruction from Ohmi-sensei during a seminar



Phil Anderson and Jim Wilson at the end

of the 2009 Ontario Open Iaido tournament


Kenshokan members attending the Ontario Open

seminar and tournament, August 2009


Greg Clarke and others in practice


Iaidoka during Uke Nagashi




Brian Collins, Phil Anderson, Terry Sharpe, and Baisel Collings practicing Soete Tsuki

Taking a break during a seminar at the Kenshokan dojo


Tachi Uchi no Kurai practice


Group photo during the final class of 2009

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